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8 October 13:30 - 15:00

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- Diverse and inclusive work places -

Businesses that actively work for diversity and inclusion are more innovative and more successful in attracting talent, according to several studies. Benefits of including different perspectives also include a broader understanding of customer needs and easier access to new markets. 

Learn from and get inspired by initiatives that open doors and build better businesses through diversity and inclusion.

At our last Share, mingle and inspire we got to listen to examples of when and how equality and diversity has elevated innovation. This time we bring light on the workplace and labour market. How can we take action for a more inclusive labour market and discover overlooked potential? How can workplaces recruit a diversity of competence, talent and perspectives without discrimination and prejudice?

In this event we bring forward five examples of initiatives, recruiters, employers and consultants that challenge norms and conformity att the work place and labour market, actively and consciously striving towards diversity and inclusion, and the results they have achieved by doing so.

Presentation format - 5 by 5

We use a rapid presentation format inspired by PechaKucha where the the five speakers  share their story using 5 slides shown 1 minute each. After the presentations there is time for questions, mingle and networking with speakers and attendees.

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All you need to know

Channel: Zoom
Link to the event in Zoom will sent to registerred participants before the event.

Date: Thursday, October 8th
Time: 13.30-15.00

The format is structured to allow interaction and participation by audience members. We encourage you to be active in the interactive parts of the event.

Openlab and Open Innovation

Openlab is a creative space that brings people together to find innovative solutions to challenges we face as a society. Our event series ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ is centred around open innovation and will give guidelines how to share. Openlab is in favour of open innovation because we believe business and innovation are going in that direction and that we are also forced by societal and technological change to do so. So, why not start with attending ‘Share Mingle and Inspire’ and be part of the movement and the Openlab community. You will get surprised how many people will support and share their experience with you and how it will profit your own goals.

Join us at Share, mingle and inspire!

Is this your area of expertise or do you want to share your story of success or failure? Please send an email to if you want to be one of the presenters and we might find a spot for you! We strive for a mix of speakers from different sectors, backgrounds and perspectives.

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Maja V. Mutsson
Sustainable Business Change Leader and Board Professional

Diversity & inclusion - a business imperative

Dedicated to the field of Diversity Management, Maja has worked the last 15 years helping companies and supporting executives to transform their business into a more sustainable and inclusive business. Based on her own experiences as a professional board executive, her mission is to take Diversity & Inclusion into the board rooms and put it on the top management agenda.

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Siri Hallberg Björklund
The Swedish Construction Federation, expert in diversity and gender equality

Working with Diversity in the Construction Industry

Siri Hallberg Björklund will talk about how the Swedish Construction Federation works with diversity and inclusion as a way to solve an entire industries skill shortage. She will also give examples of how they have worked in helping their member companies in making more inclusive work spaces.

Siri Hallberg Björklund

Siri Hallberg Björklund works at the employers' organization The Swedish Construction Federation as an expert in diversity and gender equality. The Swedish Construction Federation represent approximately 3,700 construction and civil engineering companies throughout Sweden. The construction industry has for many years struggled with challenges regarding skills shortages, and therefore we see the diversity issue as something business-critical that will affect the entire society. Siri will talk about what The Swedish Construction Federation does to make it easier for their member companies to work more with diversity and inclusion.

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Jonas Kimmehed
CEO at SQL Systems Sweden AB

Jonas Kimmehed is Chief Executive Officer at SQL systems where he is managing a group of competent and driven engineers and data experts who have delivered Digital Twins to several large customers throughout the years.

Jonas believes that the surface is secondary and that the answers to a functional (or dysfunctional) whole is found on the deeper levels. As a CEO he puts focus on the person, also when it comes to recruitment, which has led to a diverse workplace.

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Kinna Skoglund
Initiator of the campaign REDO, Arbetskraftsförmedlingen

Kinna Skoglund has been involved in social innovations with the aim of creating inclusion and diversity in the labor market since she started her first social enterprise in 1990.
The latest mobilization is the REDO campaign run by the non-profit association "Arbetskraftsförmedlingen" (Labour association).

"Do you want to help take advantage of the power of young motivated people? We at Arbetskraftsförmedlingen want to identify innovative ways to match employers who have a great need for a motivated workforce with competent and motivated employees. At the same time as you do societal benefits, you also create business benefits for your company. Win - win quite simply.

Thousands of newly educated young people need a permanent job within 6 month to stay in the country and companies need motivated and educated young people in the shortage. The campaign REDO wants to solve the two societal challenges"

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Leila El-Sherif Wollheim
sustainability consultant at The National Coordinator for Agenda 2030 and Working for Change Foundation

The Competence method – diversified recruitment in 6 steps 

Leila El-Sherif Wollheim will demonstrate how companies and organizations can work to promote inclusive and competency-based recruitment, free from discrimination, through the Competence method. The method is developed by the projekt Working for Change Matters, with support from the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society and in collaboration with Kantar Sifo.

Leila El-Sherif Wollheim

With close to 20 years of experience in journalism and communication specialized in the challenge of sustainable business Leila El-Sherif Wollheim has extensive experience of working with diversity, gender equality and societal engagement in both large corporations and startups as well as the public sector and non-profit organizations.

Working for Change is a non-profit foundation working to increase cultural diversity in the workplace by helping companies and organizations promote inclusive and competency-based recruitment, free from discrimination, through the Competence Method. // //

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Nikki Schmidt
Simply Draw It Big

Visual Facilitation

Nikki will capture the talks and discussions using live scribing: drawing live to make sense of words and themes, turning them into visual landscapes.

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